Home Re-Design

Joanne and Wayne can take your home from start to finish, creating a space you will love living in. You know something is not working in your home but you don’t know what…it’s a common problem and it’s exactly what we do! Sometimes all your home needs is a new set of eyes to see it in a new light. We will create a space for you that reflects your unique style and personality using your prized possessions in a new way. If need be, we will assist you in purchasing new furnishings, art and accessories to tie it all together. De-cluttering and organization are key. Finding focal points and purpose for each room making your home a place you want to be and want to share with friends.

  • 1 or 2 hour consultations: We will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations for what needs to be done to your home to create an harmonious environment.
  • Colour consultation: we will discuss and choose paint colours as well as accent colours to be used in your artwork and accessories.
  • Home redesign: 1 – 2 day redesign. De-cluttering, organizing, Furniture and art placement using the clients own possessions. Creating a space that gives the client a creative new look they can be proud of!
  • Quick Fixes and Renovation Work: Repairing or upgrading bathroom and kitchen fixtures, floor moldings, door and cupboard hardware etc. Renovation work includes flooring, tile work, and various removal and installation projects.