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Hello! I’m Joanne Potter and along with my husband Wayne Potter, we are the proud owners of J&W Inspired Home.

I’m so excited to share our story and we hope that you will enjoy getting to know us better.

From 2006 to 2013, I worked as a product merchandiser at lululemon athletica, where I learned about décor, layout, and the importance of showcasing products. I loved “staging” the window displays to showcase our merchandise in the best possible way. As well, I also owned a pottery studio creating custom work for clients, which gave me the experience of running my own business.

Meanwhile, Wayne was a manager at a Vancouver statement processing and production company for many years. Throughout his life, Wayne worked with his dad as a youth, and then on his friends’ houses and eventually his own home. Wayne picked up valuable skills as a handyman, able to accomplish everything it takes to make a home look and function beautifully.

While our careers were flourishing, we decided to create a beautiful life for ourselves as entrepreneurs, where we would have the freedom to travel, spend quality time with family, and fully enjoy our lives together. 

To achieve our dream, we knew we had to come up with something great to offer our clients to help them achieve their goals. So, we decided to combine our skills, talent, and passions and launch a home staging and home redesigning company.

In 2012, I became certified as a Pres Home Staging and Redesign Professional. By 2013 I left lululemon athletica and went full-time with J&W Inspired Home. Wayne left his full-time job and joined me at J&W Inspired Home in 2014.

Over the past seven years, our company has become more streamlined, and we have removed the redesign part of the business. By doing this, we have been able to focus on our strengths as creative stagers. 

We have collected many unique accessories, including vintage and industrial pieces that we use to soften the edges of contemporary home decor, and this meticulous attention to detail makes us stand out. We love the design process and believe that any home can be beautifully dressed up to sell.

We know that in order to get the highest price for a home, it needs to be as close to ‘move-in ready’ as possible. We are the only full-service home staging company with handyman work in the Greater Vancouver area. We work hard for our clients with creativity, thoughtfulness, and integrity.

As a result, when clients return home after we’ve installed the staging and completed any required handyman fixes, they are delighted with the outcome and it fills us with immense satisfaction. Many of them smile and say that they don’t want to sell their home anymore as they adore the new look and feel! Helping people move on to the next chapter of their lives is extremely rewarding for us and we feel it shows in all we do! 

When we’re not busy putting the finishing touches on homes, we love to travel, visit wineries, enjoy live music, dance and take in everything this beautiful world has to offer!

I have enjoyed sharing our story about the things that matter to us and how they influence our business. If you or someone you know could benefit from our expertise as a professional home stager and handyman anywhere across the Greater Vancouver Area in BC, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit our website at


Joanne and Wayne